F1 party hosted at Soaring Wings: Kimi Raikkonen unveils Ferrari’s new 488 GTB

F1 party hosted at Soaring Wings: Kimi Raikkonen unveils Ferrari’s new 488 GTB

27 Nov 2015, Austin Texas: Ferrari and Ferrari of Austin had a great night of festivities at Soaring Wings, designed by Winn Wittman Architecture. The occasion was Ferrari’s annual party that featured 488 GTB unveiling and USGP celebration. It was F1 driver Kimi Raikkonen who unveiled the new Ferrari 488 GTB- a hotly anticipated evolution of 458 Italia. Austin Architect Winn Wittman gave guests a tour of the innovative home designed by him. Alongside, Mr. Wittman signed a copy of the new book published by Hi-Design Press in Hong Kong that features Soaring Wings entitled as one of the best Modern Villas. It was a special event where, a selected group of international clientele met the F1 racer aka ‘‘ice man’’, viewed one of the most unique villas in Austin, and saw the Ferrari’s latest model. Though, it was raining, guests had a great first look at the newest Ferrari and the elegance of the modern villa.

Winn Wittman Architecture specializes in contemporary design and has long-standing association with F1. Apart from working with Ferrari of Austin, Winn Wittman works with high-profile clients and partners over Texas including Roger Beasley Porsche and Metropolitan Club of Austin. His firm works to develop a style is based upon the client’s preferences and adhering to green building practices. The Austin architect works on contemporary style for commercial and residential architecture. Winn Wittman believes that the only key to bring award-winning results and successfully serve the Texas market is streamlining the architectural processes as these are critical to any project. With a collaborative approach, the Austin Texas based architecture firm creates such work of art that is exquisite, highly-functional and features unique. To please their clients, they come up with one-of-a-kind design each time that is unique and hard to find anywhere else in the world. Their entire designs are planned in keeping with the client’s budget, specifications, current life situation and aesthetic preference. That is how they’ve been earning more satisfactory and regular clients and more awards with their unique design projects.

About Winn Wittman Architecture
Winn Wittman Architecture is an award-winning architecture firm which was established in 1996. Since then, they’ve designed homes and businesses all over Texas and other parts of USA. The firm is specialized in contemporary, residential and commercial architecture. Alongside, the services also cover remodeling architecture design and interior design. They’ve worked in all the major market in Texas: Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston and San Antonio that their work shows off some of the most unique commercial and home designsin the industry.

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