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Winn Wittman Architecture Consulting

If you’re thinking about working with us, but you’re not quite ready to make a major commitment, our consulting services are a great way to try us out. We consult in Austin, Texas, and around the country for clients who want original, imaginative spaces that express their dreams and fit their lifestyles.

For some, this might mean a more beautiful, peaceful, and functional home. Or maybe you’re interested in a commercial space that shows off the uniqueness of your brand and helps you stand out from your competition. Whether it’s your home or business, we help you make the right choices and avoid the wrong ones, so you get a design that will bring you joy and fulfillment, not headaches and costly mistakes.

We offer consulting services in the following areas:

Design advice

Evaluations of existing homes

Structural evaluations

Interior design consulting

Color selection

Expert testimony

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acquavilla - Winn Wittman Architecture



Soaring Wings

The home is separated into a public volume, containing the living, eating and entertaining spaces, and a private volume, containing the bedrooms, separated by a two-story glass and steel bridge.


Ravine House

Located outside of Austin TX, at 2600 square ft. and a modest construction budget, this is one of the smaller homes the firm has designed.



During a chance meeting at a Starbucks on a quiet Sunday morning in Austin, Texas, architect Winn Wittman agreed to help transform businessman Milton Verret’s staid mid-1990s McMansion into a lively and contemporary haven.

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