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Winn Wittman Architecture works with residential and commercial clients around Dallas-Forth Worth to co-create bold, innovative spaces that express who they are, and how they want to live. Our clients don’t mind “standing out in the crowd.” In fact, they welcome it. By the same token they don’t need anyone’s approval or permission.

We love the vibrant arts scene in Fort Worth and have been working with clients in Fort Worth, Southlake, Grapevine and surrounding communities for over 10 years. There is so much great architecture in Dallas and Fort Worth; some of our favorites are the Modern and the Kimball Museum in Fort Worth, and the Perot Museum of Science and Nature and the Symphony in Dallas.

We are a contemporary architect, but because we’re not limited to any single architectural style, we’re free to start with your wishes and ideas, and combine them with our artistic vision and knowledge of building science. Rather than design for you, we co-create with you, works of art that you live in. We call this “lifestyle architecture.”

Inspired by the Landscape

Many of our buildings are directly inspired by the wildlife and geography of north Texas. We use native woods and other local materials to give our designs a deep connection to place. In one case, we fulfilled the homeowner’s dream by wrapping giant, curved steel supports around the home, like bones rising from the earth, encasing a heart. Some of our best-known works resemble dragonflies, butterflies, and even marine life. We provide a fresh alternative to the monotony of the derivative homes with big roofs so often found in the new DFW suburbs.

Designing for the Dallas-Forth Worth Climate

We design for Dallas’s hot summers, cold winters, and humidity. This requires a specialized type of building envelope design approach which is different from other parts of Texas. Some of the green building features we’ve given our clients include systems to collect rainwater, eaves and awnings that can shelter from the Texas sun, and window orientations that allow cool breezes to blow. Geothermal heating and cooling is also viable in North Texas, unlike central Texas.We can support your green building and sustainability goals in creative, surprising ways that not only make sense, but also bring you joy and delight. Our energy-efficient architect-designed systems can save you a great deal of money in energy costs over the years.

The Wittman Process™

Our proprietary Wittman Process ™ makes communicating with us simple and efficient, so you always know what to expect at each phase of the project. We’ll visit your site and prepare a complimentary Roadmap that you can use as a planning tool. Even if you decide not to hire us, you can keep the Roadmap, no matter who you decide to work with.

Our Services

residential-architecture - Winn Wittman Architecture

Residential Architecture

We listen to your ideas, then co-create a unique home that brings you joy and helps you live a more fulfilled life.

Interior-Design - Winn Wittman Architecture

Interior Design

We can help you achieve the look you want for your current home or business, with choices that not only look beautiful, but improve the lives of everyone who lives or works in the space.

commercial-architecture - Winn Wittman Architecture

Commercial Architecture

Our commercial architecture helps your business reach its potential with bold, innovative spaces and thoughtful design.

Home-Building - Winn Wittman Architecture

Home Building

It’s always important to pick the right builder, and we can help you find the perfect one for your project, at a competitive cost.

Consulting - Winn Wittman Architecture


We offer advice on existing homes, structural evaluations, interior design, and more, for anyone around the country who’d like to work with us without making a major commitment.

Architectural-Coaching - Winn Wittman Architecture

Architectural Coaching

If you’re an architect or designer, check with us for personalized, one-on-one coaching from Winn Wittman.



Soaring Wings

The home is separated into a public volume, containing the living, eating and entertaining spaces, and a private volume, containing the bedrooms, separated by a two-story glass and steel bridge.


Ravine House

Located outside of Austin TX, at 2600 square ft. and a modest construction budget, this is one of the smaller homes the firm has designed.



During a chance meeting at a Starbucks on a quiet Sunday morning in Austin, Texas, architect Winn Wittman agreed to help transform businessman Milton Verret’s staid mid-1990s McMansion into a lively and contemporary haven.

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