Tennis Court in the Sky Lakeway


Location: Texas

A client of ours in Lakeway Texas had reservations about whether they had sufficient space to add a tennis court in their steep backyard. We determined that rather than orienting the court parallel to the hillside we would cantilever the structure off the hillside; this gravity-defying architectural solution preserves much more of the backyard and several mature oak trees were saved as well. The back half of this dramatic court sits on concrete and the elevated portion extends over 60 feet in the air and is supported by a steel structure which is painted green to harmonize with the surrounding landscape. The court surface also serves for rainwater collection, which is stored in large tanks beneath the court and purified for use as drinking water. We also designed a small "court house" next to the court in the Spanish colonial style of the main house, which has a kitchen, entertaining area and bathroom. There is also an elevated stone deck for spectators. The only other tennis court in the sky that we know of was intended for the Burj Al Arab hotel in Abuu Dhabi.

Location: Texas

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