Parallelogram House

Austin, Texas

Design Team: Winn Wittman A.I.A., Joe Fisher, A.I.A.
Production: Joe Fisher A.I.A.
Builder: Dearth Homes

This Austin home is comprised of a series of intersecting parallelograms that define interior spaces from exterior spaces. The modern home features a three-car garage, negative edge fountain pool, steel shading devices, and privacy walls.

This is yet another one of our multi-family homes for our many clients in the Indian-American community — designed for two brothers and their families.

Clad in horizontally jointed limestone, stucco, accented with metal shading devices and wooden soffits the front façade dissolves into near full height windows on the rear façade.

At the open kitchen, a large island was designed that houses the kitchen sink and additional cabinetry, doubling as both a large counter space and a dining table for up to eight.

The dual master bedrooms feature a fully glazed wall that opens it to the outdoors and a long unobstructed clerestory window to add in additional light. The attached master bath includes a view of its own, a free-floating tub and sculptural wave wall splashing up from the floor to cradle the bathtub.


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