Little Wing

Austin, Texas

Year Completed: 2019
Design Team: Winn Wittman, AIA
Joe Fisher, AIA
Jayan Prajapiti
Builder: Silverton Homes

This compact and efficient, 1,000 square-foot, two-bedroom house features a clean, angular design rendered in stucco and metal. Faceted surfaces and unexpected angles allow the house to perch lightly on its steep site, its strong design buffeting the surrounding inhospitable land-scape. Designed for entertaining and potential Air B&B rentals, it is both energy efficient and design efficient, taking cues from the work of iconic Los Angeles architect John Lautner, known for creating powerfully-geometric architecture that is integrated into its site.

Rendered entirely in white, with black metal accents, the house appears in the landscape like a soaring bird, floating just above the ripples of the ground below. The design creates playful interactions between transparency and solid, beginning with the separate garage structure, which is tapered to create a top-heavy form. It establishes the entry point, and frames a court-yard and outdoor grill area, which lead the home’s glass front door.

Interiors are sleek with utilities and wires carefully routed to the least prominent side, and vents hidden to allow the acute angles of glass to seamlessly open rooms to the outdoors. The unexpected gestures permeate the tightly designed space and offer small moments of delight, such as the parallelogram of the kitchen island and the sunken living room, situated to capture the best views. Outdoor seating and a small fire pit at the base of the patio encourage life to spill beyond the confines the building, while clearly delineating the edges of the organized liv-ing space against the rugged terrain beyond.

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