Cocody Restaurant

Houston, Texas

Year Completed: 2022
Design Team: Winn Wittman and Nina Magon Studios
Builder: Construction Concepts

Located in the River Oaks section of Houston, Texas, Cocody is an exuberant exercise in pinks and golds. Carved arches and curved bars are clad in polished brass. Pink granites and rich fabrics and glowing iridescent plastics are combined with glowing onyx panels and rich herringbone woods that set the tone for the continental-American cuisine of the chefs.

The Interiors of the restaurant are a joint effort from Winn Wittman and the renowned interiors team of Nina Magon, based in Houston, Texas. Located in a 1930’s Art Deco building, and comprising 7,000 square feet of indoor and 2,000 square feet of outdoor courtyard dining.

When the restaurant opens in 2023, patrons will be able to savor a number of distinct experiences. From the bar, with it’s glowing acrylic “liquor chandelier”, to the cocktail lounge, to the chef’s table, where guests will behind a view into the state-of-the-art induction-based cooking, to the circular booths, based on a flower. The experiences will be a decadent and unparalleled melding of flavors, colors and reflective glowing stones and metals.

Design Team:
Winn Wittman
Nina Magon
Paola Rubio
Mario Segovia
Aaron Henderson

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