“America’s Most Rock-n-Roll Architect”

- Spaces Magazine U.K.

Innovative Architecture Isn’t Work, It’s My Passion

Since 1996, I’ve been designing residential and commercial architecture that expresses my clients’ personalities—who they are, their struggles and scars, what they stand for, and what speaks to them. They’re independent thinkers who believe anything is possible.

What’s different about me? I’m not shackled to any architectural style. We start with your ideas, and combine them with my artistic vision and deep understanding of building science. The result is a work of functional art that you live in. Many of my homes are inspired by natural forms – manta ray, dragonfly, butterfly, wings, even bones rising up from the earth.

More than anything, I love co-creating, with you, something completely original. I want the spaces we create to help you live a better, more fulfilled life with all the qualities and features you cherish.

210-circle - Winn Wittman Architecture

Faisal M.

We are amazed with the thought and imagination he brought to the table. We absolutely love our New home design and the way it has turned out.

lytle1 - Winn Wittman Architecture

Lytle P.

Winn develops a bond with his clients that often results in close friendships, where trust and respect are integral. His quiet, thoughtful manner makes all who work with him feel at ease, yet his will to push the envelope is part of the genius.

milton-circle - Winn Wittman Architecture

Milton V.

"Dude, you're a f#@%'n genius!"

Lester - Winn Wittman Architecture

Lester S.

He has created that special home. But I got more than a design. His knowledge of material and method was essential. Even today his availability and guidance gives me much more than I could have expected.


G. and Contessa M.

This man (Winn) put his very existence into this house-- I believe that.. and the first time I walked Into this home I told Greg it was like walking into a church or a spiritual place... and I cried. It was a happy cry -- it was just that beautiful and that correct.


Michael M.

This is a reflection of who we are. One of the exceptional things is that Winn made the outside part of the inside. If you look around, its unique, cool, architecturally significant design.

davidg - Winn Wittman Architecture

David G.

He's done a very good job of taking this house and taking the lives that we live and incorporating that all into one piece, and at the same time, creating a very visual work of art.


Spaces Magazine, U.K.

America's most rock 'n roll Architect

tcr_0-lampassas_01 - Winn Wittman Architecture

David E.

You have been very professional and warm, easy to talk to and quick to understand my concepts. You offered additional examples, references and suggestions.

JuliaAndDaveMcCurley - Winn Wittman Architecture

Julia and Dave M.

Winn Wittman is extremely talented and gifted at what he does. He is almost a miracle worker. We had all but given up on fulfilling our dream of having our own tennis court but then he proposed a very unique and challenging one of a kind design not to be found anywhere else in the world...


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