City Park

Austin, Texas

Design Team: Winn Wittman AIA Joe Fisher AIA Anna Niespielak

The City Park residence is an 8,400 square-foot home that was designed as a multi-generational home for an extended family with a passion for modern design.

The architect worked closely with the client to develop a vision that provides the necessary functions while also being an inspiring setting for family life. This modern home features two levels of living with a large, double-height living room and family room above.

The materials were chosen to be as low maintenance and cost-effective while maintaining a rich and timeless appearance.

The home features a large negative-edge pool with views of the city of Austin beyond and is located on a five-acre parcel about fifteen minutes west of town.

Materials include metal, stucco, cedar rain screen, stone and glass. The home also features a 6-car garage.

A key part of the design process with the client, who is a structural engineer by training, involved virtual and in-person working sessions. These allowed the client to work hand in hand with the architect to achieve the desired goals within a reasonable budget.


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